Monday, October 28, 2013

We are all Good Enough

"... Escorted by an army of angels, to your heavenly father, when you sing before him.. don't you worry - you'll be "good enough" were the closing words in Kevin Costner's eulogy as the nation prepared to lay Whitney Houston to rest. That statement revealed so much about the woman name Whitney Houston; the beautiful, talented, legendary singer and actress. Sitting on the forest green couch in my rented condo by the beach in my pajamas, I wept with a pain in my heart for a woman I never met; and yet she is me and if you are reading this, then there is a good possibility that she is like you too.

She was no doubt as vulnerable as you and I, susceptible to the same self criticisms and doubt, wondering if people liked her, if she was good enough. Anyone who has ever heard her sing knows that she was not only good enough - but she was one of the best at her craft - a true vessel for the gift of song.

The sad thing is, she went through her entire life with this question in the back of her mind. Am I good enough? Well, listen up.

We are all good enough - right now in this minute regardless of who we are, what we do, and where we live. The one person who judges us the most harshly is the one looking back at us in the mirror. We have gathered and stored away all the judgments that others have placed on us, to carry as our own burden, not realizing when or where we took ownership for the label that someone gave us about a particular person, place, thing, or action.

Starting today we can change our thoughts, words, and actions to align with the truth. We must break free of the old limitations and conditions that we have consciously or unconsciously placed on ourselves and become the vessel we are meant to be, delivering our own unique gifts to the world.

Just as we didn't learn to punish, judge, and doubt ourselves overnight; we will not change the behaviors overnight. It must become a practice in our lives to be conscious of our thoughts. And choose different ones when the ones we are having are not bringing us peace, happiness, and success!

Whitney Houston's untimely death is a somber reminder of how precious our time here on the planet is... so each of us need to get busy and start living our dreams...